Skaanful Daag, Nyam Doti Pudn!

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Are you the type of person to squirm when someone asks you what you’re listening to and borrow your earphones? Are you the type to sanitize your hands when you alight from public transportation? Do you cringe and hold your breath in a terrible fright when you are in the market and the breeze gets heavy and plastic bags start circling your head? I am!

And where nothing is wrong with wanting to be clean, after all, cleanliness is next to Godliness, are we really clean when we think we are being clean?

One day when I went to use the restroom in the Juicy Beef on campus I saw a sign that said: “Do not use your feet to flush”. Apparently, some valve or the other was being destroyed when people used their feet to flush the toilets as they did not want to touch the handle where other people might have touched after wiping their private parts.

Then it dawned on me that we run from one thing that we think is dirty because it is ‘obvious’ but then end up touching something else that would end up being the same thing or worse that we were running from.

After you use your feet to flush the toilet, you touch the handle of the bathroom door to come out. The person before you just wiped their private part and touched the same door to come out…what were you running from then?

You try your best not to let your hands touch a homeless person if you feel persuaded to give them some spare change. You will go and lean on Tastee’s counter in half way tree, however, and wait on your ‘Couple Up’ meal when the same homeless person just left with his and best believe he leaned on the counter while he was waiting on his meal like any valued customer.

We use tissue or hand towel to hold on to doors after we wash our hands but you open the taxi door with your bare hands and this is the 31st trip the taxi man making from daylight and 10 different ‘loader man’ packed the car. Have you seen a sink beside any taxi stand for these people to wash their hands after they relieve themselves on the roadside?

We complain day in and day out that “piipl mos bied! An wi kyaa tek doti piipl” bot wen wi liet fi di likl wok, wi rak an go ina di taksi or bos faas faas we gud gyal ‘Starlight’ jos git op outa, kaa shi jos a go oum fram wa lang nait a Nu Kinston an di man neva mek shi taidi arself bifo im sen ar out a di motel.

Some men don’t like to eat from their girlfriends when they just meet them because they say they don’t trust her just yet. However, we trust the Chinese food because it ‘nof’ but unlike KFC, Burger King, Island Grill etc that is open where you can see the food being prepared, you can never see in the Chinese restaurant kitchen but Chinese restaurant always full.

Ms. Mary’s mop accidentally touches our shoes when she’s wiping and the vile things that escape our lips sometimes like it is not her job to give us a clean environment. We are the same ones who will come off the road with our shoes and carry all the crosses straight through our homes and then some of us have kids that crawl on the floor that we haven’t wiped from the year of naught because we are ‘busy’. Maybe we should hire Ms. Mary and tell her to carry her mop for a little day work.

So the bottom line is, we can never be too clean because in the words of Shebada: “wi badi mek it oun dos”. We should actually think about everything that we come in contact with before we decide to scorn something or someone or when we try to portray an image of ultimate cleanliness because unless we decide to live in a bubble, we cannot escape dirt and germs.




Liebster What??


Gold with Red

So imagine my surprise when I saw that my blog was nominated for this award. At first, I didn’t know what to say and I may even be too late to follow through with it but I haven’t won anything in my life before so I didn’t see the purpose to even try. However, after thinking about it, I realized it isn’t so much about winning but acknowledging that your blog was noticed and that people actually read what you write. So I officially accept the nomination from Euranique Bailey and will proceed with the rules of the award.

The rules of this award:

1. Acknowledge the blog who nominated you and display the award.
2. Answer the 11 questions the blogger gives you.
3. Give 11 random facts about yourself.
4. Nominate 11 blogs.
5. Notify those blogs of the nomination.
6. Give them 11 questions to answer.

11 Questions which were given:

  • What are your favorite books?

Thrillers, action, drama, suspense I really do not like romance novels

  • After a long day, what do you do to relax?

Anything I feel like doing at the time which includes laying down in the dark doing absolutely nothing

  • If your house was on fire and you could only save one thing what would it be?

My handbag…everthing is in it anyways

  • If you could build your own partner( wife, husband, boyfriend, girlfriend) from scratch what would they be like?

They would be someone who listens to me, make me laugh, talk as much as I do, encourages, supports and never underestimate me and of course tall dark and handsome

  • Which movie can you watch over and over and not get bored?

Twilight duh!

  • Pen or Pencil? and why?

Pen…forces me to actually think before I write…white out is messy and I have slight OCD

  • What’s your pet peeve?

I don’t have a pet peeve…I have many but if I had to name a few; annoying people, having to repeat myself multiple times, touching the inside handle of the bathroom door knowing that someone just wiped and touched it to come out and someone taking up something that belongs to me and not returning it in the same condition and to the exact position it was taken from.

  • What is your greatest fear?

That I will end up alone

  • If you had a chance for a “do-over” in life, what would you do differently?

Not let so many people in…it drains your energy

  • If you could travel anywhere, where would you go and why?

Legos Nigeria…I want to practice my African accent to see if anyone would figure out I’m not a native

  • What do you want your tombstone to say?

Doesn’t matter, I won’t be around to read it. I guess my name will suffice.

11 Random Facts About Me:

  1. I’m not a morning person AT ALL
  2. I love sleeping
  3. Ever since I figured out I had rhythm, I don’t need alcohol to stimulate dancing anymore
  4. I love stationary so it bugs me when I’m not in school to use them
  5. I started writing when I bought my first journal when I was about 10
  6. I ran out of facts but will probably figure out the interesting stuff as soon as I publish this post
  7. I am most confident when my hair and nails are done
  8. I appreciate and look out for people way more than most do for me and I never learn
  9. I love nature
  10. When it rains all I wanna do is sleep
  11. I think about death way too much

Questions For My Nominees:

  1. Why do you write
  2. If you could say something to your younger self to prepare you for life now, what would it be
  3. How many times do you have to make a mistake for you to actually learn from it
  4. Piercings or tattoos
  5. Hardcover or paperback
  6. Is ignorance really bliss
  7. Who is your favorite author
  8. What was the last book you read
  9. Who or what motivates you
  10. What is your best attribute
  11. Home-cooked or take-out

My Nominees Are: (I do not have 11 nominees sorry lol)



Unconventional Beauty

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What do you consider beauty? A pretty smile, long flowing hair, perfect teeth? Well, these things I consider a plus to real beauty.

Beauty is you…all of you.
Beauty is the way you lay your edges each morning and smile when it meets your expectations.
Beauty is the way your top lip pouts unknowingly and your vein stands up in your forehead.
Beauty is the way your entire face light up when you smile…
Beauty is you…all of you.

Beauty is the way your skin glows, do you even know how radiant and flawless your skin is?
Beauty is the way you take your time and get dressed every day and smooth out every line before putting on your clothes.
Beauty is the way you walk…graceful, almost as if you’re dancing…point, flex, point…
Beauty is you…all of you.

Beauty is how bony your fingers are but how sexy they look when you’re…typing
Beauty is how bony your feet are but how elegance precedes you when you walk
Beauty is how your tummy projects sometimes but seem to always disappear when you wear…anything, nothing
Beauty is you…all of you.

Beauty is the way you focus over a Dutch pot when the pork a “simmer”
Beauty is the way you taste love in EVERYTHING you cook
Beauty is the way you present your meals to the ones you love
Beauty is the pleased look you adorn when those meals are enjoyed
Beauty is you…all of you.

Beauty is the way you care…savage, harsh, real!
Beauty is the way you wear your heart “under” your sleeves
Beauty is the annoying way you let people in
Beauty is how you don’t see your beauty…damn fool!
Beauty is you…all of you.



Writing about writing…Day 10!

Why do I love writing?
Writing allows me to express all the things I would love to say verbally but don’t have the courage to. When I write you get a clear understanding of what I say as opposed to when I try to speak. I have the tendency to get tongue tied and nervous for some strange reason and I do not want to appear slow or unintelligent so I prefer to write…my little escape. If I should ever get into an argument with my mother for example, the only way she truly understood what I was ranting about was when I wrote it down. Or maybe what I really love secretly is watching my fingers fly over the keys when my creative juices are flowing. a little vain…I’m working on it.

What I hate about the craft however, is that emotions are easily misunderstood when you are trying to communicate something. When you have to sit down and think about your intended audience and their level of perception, it takes away passion from your work. I understand that not everything is for everyone and you cannot please everyone and when you try to not sound offensive, you have to alter what you are saying too much until you may not want to write that piece again. But maybe that’s what writing is about right? When you’ve mastered the art and know how to use your literary devices effectively misconceptions will become limited to none…I hope I learn real soon.

I struggle with getting started. I know the ending and I know the essence of whatever I need to write but it takes hours, even days to actually start writing. Why is the beginning the hardest part and then you can’t seem to shut up afterwards? Well, sometimes the ending is nowhere in sight and you stop writing in the middle and forget about what you were doing and then come back a day or two later to finish it. Or in the case of a blog post, to reach 500 words you ramble lol. The rambling will start in the next paragraph as I am now blank.

Working with a timeline is another thing I struggle with as it pertains to this challenge. On day 3 we were to start writing early in the morning, that has happened once. I prefer writing at night after I have had the time to think about what I want to express. This is not often the case as I may fall asleep in the middle or forget totally. However, I am trying. I realize these posts are getting done later and later but at least I’m writing and that should be enough merit at the moment. I will make a concerted effort to post my blogs before 12 midnight each day. I’ll start working on it from the moment I wake up and then wrap everything up when I get home from work…well, a little after I actually awaken.




Deaf Culture…Day 9

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In today’s challenge I’m supposed to teach something. There is one thing I feel very passionate about and would love if I could teach everyone who is unaware about it. It’s deaf culture! I’ve been passionate about sign language since I was about 9yrs old. I started teaching myself at that age and my love for the language grew. So much so that I made it my minor at university. I studied Caribbean Sign Language Interpreting and it was not the walk in the park I thought it to be because I had a sign language background, or so I thought.

I learned that sign language is as diverse as there are other languages in this world. I came to respect its prestige as it comprises elements that is not even present in the English Language, but can be compared to illustrious languages like Latin, Greek, French even. Then I came upon a course called Deaf Language and Culture. I already acquired the language to an extent, now I had to learn about the group of people who used it and this is what I want to share with you.

There are two categories of deaf people, dominant and non-dominant. The dominant are those who were born deaf and uses sign language as their only method of communication. The non-dominant deaf are those whose use of sign language is limited or not at all and who became deaf due to extenuating circumstances such as meningitis or some other traumatic experience or depending how they are socialized, they choose to talk and read lips over sign language. Yes there are deaf people who talk. Not because they are deaf means that their vocal apparatus doesn’t work; they just choose not to. They are collectivists, they operate to benefit the group unlike the individualistic nature of the hearing. This means that everyone knows everyone and everything about everyone. They prefer you call them deaf. The words dumb, dummy, mute, handicap etc., are offensive maybe as offensive as a white person calling a black man “nigga”.

The hearing uses the mouth and ears to communicate, the deaf, their eyes and hands. Because of this fact, when passing a group of deaf people talking do not say excuse or make any gestures like you want to apologize for interrupting their conversation. They will get upset because you just diverted their attention to you for no reason. Just pass and go about your business, they really did not notice you.

They are not usually very welcoming as they’re a subclass of the population that is usually misunderstood and taken advantage of. This does not mean you cannot approach them at all. If you make an earnest attempt to communicate in their language, they will respond and be very appreciative, even teach you a thing or two. What we do in church as sign language isn’t…Signed English is completely different from sign language and most deaf cannot follow what you are doing anyway unless they use Signed English as a means of communicating. And also, when we render a ‘sign language’ item and we come decked out in our white gloves, it is EXTREMELY offensive to the deaf. Especially those who know their history…let’s just say that it is synonymous to the chains slaves were made to wear when being transported in the transatlantic trade.

I could go on and on about this topic as it is dear to me but this is where I’ll leave it. Just remember the next time you see a deaf person, treat them with the same level of respect and understanding you would want extended to you. They are no different from you and I, just that the sense that does not operate for them is a lot more obvious than others. I mean, some of don’t even realize we lack common sense until we actually open our mouths…



Homage…Day 7


Dear Caramel,
The excitement you felt when you became double numbers (10) I will not take from you. It will still feel exciting when you get to certain age milestones in your life but you will want to slow them down as soon as you hit the big 21. Do not rush growing up, enjoy your days as a child as there will come a time when the responsibilities of adulthood will depress you and you will long for the days when all you had to do was wake up.

Baby girl, smile more! The reasons why you cried so much wasn’t worth it and when you refused to smile because it made other people feel bad about themselves, it took away the blessing your smile was to other people. Your smile is going to allow one of your teachers in high school to write a play for her church group about the smile on your face that covered all your scars.

Hold your head up! The features of your face are so intricately designed that the entire work of art is masterpiece. Don’t focus on how big your forehead and eyes are, you have a small nose and small beautiful lips. You will meet a number of people who will get lost in your eyes and on your 23 birthday someone will even write about it. Don’t avoid mirrors because you won’t see what I’m talking about.

Sweetheart, say no more, you won’t die! Don’t give too much of yourself and leave nothing for you. Trust me, the right people will understand and the wrong ones you can uproot faster out of your life because they are going to leave anyway. Say no to preserve your peace of mind because it will hurt like hell when you’ve given all you can and you are not appreciated.

Do not fight with anyone to stay in your life. If people want to leave, open the door, call them a taxi even but LET THEM GO. You are going to meet some friends that will stick to you like glue and never leave no matter how much you push them away sometimes, because you are a little challenging to deal with. There will be people who appreciate when you say yes and even no more than you think but to get here you need…

…Patience! The things that are going to be unlocked in your life you need polishing for. You will not understand nor appreciate the things you will receive if you are not tested. You will need endurance baby girl because your life is a long distance race not a sprint. You have to wait.

And lastly, never be ashamed by how compassionate you are. Your heart and love for people will draw amazing people to you and open doors you would normally pass. Forgive and let things go, not for the other person but for you. Do not waste your energy on insignificant things and people. It will only stress you out and you really are too beautiful for that.


Day 6…Perspective

How can one really write from another’s perspective? Do we really know what the other person is thinking or how they are actually feeling? Try as we may we will never fit in another person’s shoe  so we cannot write from someone else’s perspective. The fact is we could be wrong when we try to tell someone’s story for them. The wonders of the human psyche has not yet been fully understood by any one man so to attempt to write the ending to story that is not your own is an unattainable goal in my perspective.
Let it not be misunderstood that biographies are pointless, they are not. It is just that you are writing about the person’s life and not trying to write the ending how you think it should have been or how you would like it to be…it just is what it is. For example, most of my life I have been separated from my mother after all the evil happened in my life. I developed trust issues soon after because I felt that my mother did not love me enough to make certain decisions I wanted her to make. If I were to write the ending of that story it would go something like this:
I don’t think I need to stand up for my child as she is strong enough to understand what happened to her and to hold on to her faith in God and he will see her through. I know what happened to her was wrong but I don’t think it was that bad compared to what happens to other children across the world. She will be fine. She is always smiling anyway so everything looks just fine. She’s not lashing out at me so she understands completely why I have not shown her that I am on her side. I have raised a great child and she goes to church which helps.
However, in reality:
I did not show how I really felt about what happened to you because I saw further into the future. You were looking only at now and the present. I had a plan and that plan would only work if we made the enemy believe that everything was ok and that they would not have been punished for what they did and then you strike! Oh to see their resolve crumble before you like the world trade center on September 11th. To hold the power in your hands for a change…what a rush!
So you see, while I appreciate the challenge, I won’t write the ending to someone else’s story as I don’t even know exactly how I want to end mine just yet. Each day I learn something about myself, so I’m almost certain that someone else in my life learns something about themselves everyday too. So I would rather not try to fill anyone’s shoes. Try them one to empathize, yes but I would rather to give them back I’m certain they would fit you better anyway.
P.S. Not a catch up just delayed posting lol.

Forget me not (Day 5)

P.S. Started day 4 of the challenge and made the mistake to stop and do something else feel so bad. Will try to not be a repeat offender.

Day 3…archives


So today’s challenge involves me waking early and devoting time to writing.Now, anyone who knows me understands that waking up early is not something I like to do unless absolutely necessary and even then I run the chance of being tardy. Now to wake even earlier than I have to to write is going to take EXTREME dedication to complete this challenge for me to actually do it. I already made a pledge to complete it and I refuse to give up because the task got a little more…interesting; besides, I’d look like a punk and that is not cute at all.

So because I had started my day before I saw that I was to adopt monkish behaviour of sacrifice and dedication (I sacrifice sleep for nothing so this should be interesting), I will share with you a piece I wrote a while back when there was an uproar over two “divas” and their “manufactured beef”. Do not get me wrong, I admire both women for different reasons, one more than the other to be honest, but the emphasis we choose to place on certain things as individuals is beyond me. So I stated my displeasure on the topic and where but just to be clear, it is my opinion and I am neither judging nor criticizing the action of any individual (s) that they take over their bodies. The piece is titled:

Is it the beef that is manufactured or the beauty?

They say beauty is in the eyes of the beholder but maybe a little sleep dust left from the sleep or trance that some of us have been in are clouding our vision. Women were deemed beautiful when they were seen in labour, breastfeeding or trying to cover their stretch marks before the lights came on or their partners walk unexpectedly into the bathroom. Now some of us are banned from breastfeeding in public but it is acceptable to wear tops without a bra to show off our new implants.

The quick fix mentality has corrupted us. Gone are the days when we wanted to eat healthy and exercise and reap the benefits of wholesome lifestyle changes. Some men now have the misconception of what being beautiful and sexy is that if the woman he is dating does not look like a well pulverized Barbie doll, the onus is on him to find a side chick who does, disrespect his woman or leave her entirely.

It is heart breaking when I hear children and some young ladies say they are not beautiful because they don’t look like some media icons who sport a well chiseled body. Our idea of beauty is so flawed it is literally degrading our society and ruining the future generation of women. Being a sex symbol is now a ‘life goal’ instead of a powerful woman who can hold her own, exude total grace and confidence and capture a man’s attention when she speaks.

Let us pull off the waist trainers that are displacing our organs and cutting off the blood flow to our brains and maybe that will help us to think clearly.



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